Ride the Next Wave of Innovation

Step into the extraordinary with Surf Ring: where legendary waves become reality through our revolutionary traveling standing wave pool technology.

Science fiction becomes surfing reality
Our innovation blends the best elements of traveling wave pools like «Wave Garden» and the dynamic fun of standing waves like the «Unit Surf Pool».
So began an exciting journey of engineering innovation that led to the creation of cutting-edge technology.
Epic rides,
no epic costs
Our Journey
Fueled by the legendary waves of Jeffrey’s Bay, Peter Calitz embarked on a mission: to capture the epic surf at Super Tubes and share its spellbinding magic.
This vision sparked a journey of unparalleled engineering innovation, leading to SurfRing's pioneering technology.

Meet the visionary who captured the ocean's soul.
Ambition Unleashed
Join our tribe of believers and builders as we conquer new waves and push boundaries.
Witness our quest to create waves that rival «Supers», just as you've seen Matt McGillivray conquer them.
Experience the pinnacle of efficiency with SurfRing's wave pools. Our low-cost, low-impact design, compact footprint, and energy-efficient technology ensure minimal environmental impact without compromising on the thrill of the ride.
Efficiency Redefined.
Our ring-shaped traveling reef with a unique surface profile, transforms every wave into a masterpiece of aquatic artistry.
Unprecedented Wave Design.
Small pools with fast waves for an exciting ride.
Larger pools with deep waves for an authentic ocean experience.
Wave pools have been reimagined.
Backed by rigorous testing and research, our technology guarantees to revolutionize wave pools. Be part of our journey to redefine surfing's future.
Join us in creating the wave park of tomorrow
Join the revolution

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