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Ride the next wave of Surfing Innovation

Experience the future of surfing

Are you ready to dive into a world where iconic surfing waves are not just dreams but thrilling realities? We're on a mission to revolutionize the surfing experience with our groundbreaking Traveling Standing Wave Pool Technology. It's a game-changer, blending the best elements of traveling wave pools like ‘Wave Garden’ and the dynamic fun of standing waves like the ‘Unit Surf Pool’. Get ready for waves that will blow your mind – all at a surprisingly affordable price.


Our journey

From the legendary waves of Jeffrey’s Bay, our founder Peter Calitz's passion was born. Surrounded by the epic surf at ‘Super Tubes’, he wondered, "How can I capture this magic?" Thus began a remarkable journey of engineering innovation, leading to our pioneering technology. Dive into our story and meet the visionary behind it all.

Peter Calitz Inventor, founder
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Daring to dream big

Do people say we're too ambitious? Perhaps. But creating waves that rival ‘Supers’ – as you see Matt McGillivray conquering – is our mountain to move. And we're up for the challenge. We're gathering a community of believers and builders who share our vision. Join us in this thrilling adventure!

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Meet the dream makers

Our team is the heartbeat of our innovation. With a diverse blend of skills and unwavering passion, they are turning our vision into a thrilling reality. Forging powerful alliances. Together, we're stronger.

Peter Calitz - Founder

Peter is the inventor of circular ‘head-flow’ Traveling Standing wave technology. He continues with research and development, prototype fabrication and testing. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture and has continued for 30+ years in this field Peter is also the founding partner of a confectionary brand ‘Dania’s Choice’  having engineered and fabricated bespoke confectionary manufacturing equipment and processes. He is passionate about his Faith, his Family and the creation of perfect surfing waves.

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Donald McGillivray- Co-Founder

Don has invested his time and financially into the development of our technology and business. Don holds a BSc Civil Engineering and is co-founding Director for 26 years of Africoast Engineers SA (Pty) Ltd, and multiple Renewable Energy companies such as MetroWind (Pty) Ltd He is strong in engineering planning, design and project development. He is passionate about his Faith, his Family and promoting the sport of surfing.

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Greg Byron - Partner

Greg is an entrepreneur and specialises in all things commercial and residential building construction. He is a highly motivated task orientated A-type individual.  Based in the US and South Africa Greg is connected and sought after for his skills as far as Vietnam where he has served to bring projects together on time and budget. 
He is proficient in cost estimates, budgeting, cost control, procurement of goods and services, Debtors and creditors, managing project goals and outcomes, regulatory requirements, project schedules, human resources, staff attendance, liaising with clients and team, site surveying and reporting. Greg is free to travel the globe for projects on any continent. In his free time, he enjoys travel and making the most of surfing destinations across the globe.

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Matt McGillivray - Partner

Surfing for work, Matt is in the top 22 WSL ranking automatically qualifying for the 2024 Men's Championship Tour, and representing South Africa in the Olympics. Goal orientated he is always pushing the limits and striving for constant improvement. Matt participates actively in other extreme sports like sky diving, base jumping, wing suiting, and kite surfing.  Matt aims to inspire the next generation, and what better way than participating in the global roll-out of an awesome wave pool technology

Strategic alliances

Our strategic alliances are key to bringing this vision to life. From incubation to fabrication, meet the collaborators shaping our future.

Phil Gouws


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Jacques Trutter


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Rigo Givoni  


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Prospective partner

Brandon Calitz

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Rob Archibald


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Prospective partner

Howard Theunissan

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Technological breakthrough

Dive into a world where science fiction becomes surfing reality. Our innovative wave pool features a ring-shaped traveling reef with a unique surface profile. It's not just a wave pool; it's a surf-scape where every wave is a masterpiece.

Our technology isn't just advanced; it's efficient and powerful.

Leaner, meaner,andready to make waves

  • Low-cost, low-impact design

  • Compact footprint, perfect for any space

  • Energy-efficient and eco-friendly

  • Minimal water usage

But don't let its efficiency fool you. Our waves pack a punch!

  • Unprecedented wave size and form

  • Long-lasting, powerful waves

  • Adaptable for all skill levels

Wave pools reimagined

Whether you're a beginner or a pro, our wave pools offer something for everyone.

  • Smaller pools: Fast-paced waves with easy access for exhilarating rides.

  • Larger pools: deeper flow for an authentic ocean-like experience.

Wave pools smaller than 40 meters’ diameter have faster water flow similar to the Unit Surf Pool, and have a step-off platform which provides easy access onto the wave for both beginners and advanced surfers.


Pools larger than 40 meters’ diameter have slow deeper water flow with paddle-in access identical to the ocean.


After extensive research, scale models and testing we are confident that our technology presents the only workable solution for Travelling-Standing category wave pools, and we are confident based on its merits this category will play a big part in the wave pool future.

Join the revolution

We've tested, we've researched, and we're confident – our technology is the future of wave pools. If the idea of shaping the future of surfing excites you, we're inviting you to be a part of this incredible journey. Let's ride the wave of innovation together!

Ready to make waves?

Reach out and discover how you can join us in creating the wave park of tomorrow


Office:  +27 (0) 46 648 2262 

Mobile: +27 (0) 82 332 3797

7 Grahamstown Rd,

Kenton-on-Sea, 6191
Eastern Cape, South Africa


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